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The basics behind weight loss

4 Sep

weight lossFat reduction and weight-loss is perhaps one of the most popular topics, and desires by people in the Twenty-first century. People generally over-complicate the main topic of fat loss nonetheless, and make things much more confusing compared to what they need to be. The notion of starvation, enduring on just salad or infant sized servings, together with spending huge time spans in the fitness center is often a misconception for losing belly fat. This idea is, to put it mildly, bogus! You can lose fat without having to spend money, and with devoting a little bit of your time to training at home, in a fitness center, or wherever you have available. First though, we should go through the principles of losing fat.

Hormones & How they work

Fat reduction fundamentally comes down to calories in vs calories out. To shed weight, an individual has to use calories by exercising, and eat less calories from foods. However hormones play a vital role in whether your body will release fat or if it is going to store fat. The correct hormones will tell your body to release your saved energy, which can be stored in your systems fat. There are a number of pointers which contribute to altering these hormonal levels such as anxiety, doing exercises along with the food you eat. Fat cells are stored as a plan b to energise the body. Imagine this as being a 2nd gas tank inside your car or truck when it has no fuel. Whenever you have no glygocen (taken from carbs and stored in the muscle) your body will begin to burn unwanted fat cells as energy. Using fat as an energy source means your excess body fat will actually burn away. Remember that every person requires some fat on his or her body. You cannot live with 0 fat. Blunt but true.

How to maximise excess fat loss journey

To lose weight, hormones needs to be kept in check as layed out down below

GH Levels Maximised
Glycogen Maximised
Minimal amount of insulin levels
Cortisol levels need to be kept in check
Tips for maximising these levels for weight loss:
Keeping Glygocen high & insulin levels low

• Weight training exercises, such as working out with dumbbells, barbells or resistance machines will improve your sensitivity to insulin.
• Maximum Growth Hormone Response
• Refrain from eating sugary foods, bread, pasta, sugary cereal, processed foods. By consuming these foods, you are effectively pausing your fat loss for the next 3-4 hours.
• Eat protein with carb sources, as this will slow down any sugar content in the carbs.

The majority of a day’s GH is released within the first couple of hours of sleep. If you don’t consume sugar before going to sleep, and have a significant level of rest, your system will be in the best state for GH release.

Workout with a high-level of intensity. This means a short rest time amongst sets.

Keep Cortisol Low

Aim to keep weight training sessions below an hour, as after one hour of hitting the gym, this will go up.
Try and not get stressed. A non stressful person will produce less cortisol than a distressed person.

To Summarise

Since you have made it this far, i’m guessing you’ll have a better comprehension of how losing weight functions. Whilst fat loss isn’t complicated, it is more than purely calories in vs calories out. Don’t get hung up on the amount of calories you happen to be exerting when you exercise. You should be more focused with making each of your exercises an intense session, along with selecting the correct food options. So the next time you go to stock up on chips, desserts and chocolate, think again. By preparing food in advance, it removes the need for grabbing garbage. By eating the right foods, your body literally can be in a fat loss condition all the time. If you want to slow your fat loss progress then feel free to always consume poor foods.

The Cheat Sheet:

Diet is the most crucial factor in weight loss. Use the same motivation to your diet as you do with your training & workouts.  Select authentic “whole” food sources, not ready-made pieces of junk. Train intense. Ensure you perform cardio every other day, and use resistance training 3-6 times a week.

All done. Put what you have read today into practice, and begin seeing the weight disappear from you! Stay motivated & dedicated to your diet and exercises for best results. You don’t have to train in a fitness center to lose weight, home exercises are becoming more and more preferred. You can perform a chest workout, or back exercises at home with dumbbells or a weight set.

If nothing else, just take away some inspiration from this piece guys. Thank you for reading. If this has been useful, feel free to share it on social media, or on your own web site.