What is Protein Powder Used For?

8 Aug

A new lifter to the gym may be confused as to what to eat, and how their diet should look. I remember wondering what is protein powder used for when i first started lifting. Prior to this though, i was wondering what is protein, and what is its role for the human body?

Protein is what helps repair, maintain and builds muscle tissue in the body. The body uses protein from both real food sources and protein powders in order to help rebuild muscle after it has been torn down from an intense gym workout or weight lifting sessions. The body uses protein to make hemoglob, which is part of the red blood cells within your body that carries oxygen (02) around every part and section of your body.

So how does the body absorb or use this protein? Before we look at what is protein powder used for, we first need to look at this question.

When your consume food from eating, the protein content of these food sources are broken down from the digestive juices your body produces in the intestine and within the stomach. These digestive juices break down the protein content into amino acids. The body then uses these amino acids to make the proteins that your body requires in order to maintain muscle tissue and build muscle in order to gain muscle and grow. Proteins are long chains of amino acids. There are 22 different amino acids that are important to human health. Of these 22 amino acids, the body can make 13 naturally. These are known as essential amino acids. The other 9 amino acids can be found from protein rich foods. This is why bodybuilders or athletes follow high protein diets, and eat foods that are high in protein.

Protein is needed in order to rebuild torn muscle. As a large amount of protein is required by athletes or bodybuilders, this is where the question what is protein powder used for can be answered. Men & women will need different amounts of protein. Whilst this article is using the example of a 200 lb male, this article will help you discover what protein powder for women is used for.

Protein powder is used to supplement protein intake for the day. For example a male bodybuilder of 200lbs may need anywhere upwards of 200 lbs of protein to build muscle. A minimum of 0.8 grams of protein per lb of lean bodyweight is required to maintain muscle. This is an asbolute bare minimum. For example a 200 lbs male with 20% of body fat would mean that their lean body weight is 160 lbs. This would mean that this male would require a bare minimum of 128lbs of protein just to maintain muscle mass. In order to gain muscle, anywhere from 1-1.5g of protein is required. However 1.5g per lb of bodyweight is more anecdotal from bodybuilder and there is little science to back this up.

So what is protein powder used for in a diet? To help boos protein intake. That is if a male needs 200 gram of protein, they may be able to comfortably eat 140 grams of protein from regular whole foods. The remaining 60grams can be supplements with a protein powder. For example 2 30g protein shakes throughout the day.

I hope this has helped you understand what is protein powder used for.

You can read more about amino acids here.

Thanks for reading guys and check back soon for more updates!

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